Body Treatments

90 minutes
A thorough exfoliation eectively eradicates your epidermal impurities. A luxurious mask transfers pure collagen into your skin, promoting generation of new skin cells and creating an evener skin tone.

Eastern Experience
55 minutes
A warm blend of Himalayan herbal oil penetrates deeply into tired and congested muscles. Your therapist alternates between acupressure and Thai massage techniques to remove muscle tension and improve mobility.

Hot Stone
90 minutes
Inspired by Traditional Tibetan Medicine, this treatment uses Tibetan herbal oils and heated volcanic stones to relieve muscle tension, expel cold stagnation, and promote blood circulation. Hot stones are especially indicated for stubborn, chronic orthopedic pain.

Table Thai
60 minutes
An ancient healing system that combines gentle rocking motions, rhythmic acupressure and assisted stretching to deeply relax and revitalize body and mind.

Ancient Aromas
90 minutes
This deep cleansing treatment removes impurities from pores and prevents future breakouts by reducing excess sebum secretion using antimicrobial products.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Release
55 minutes
A full body massage with a personalized focus on your back, neck and shoulder. Your therapist marries Traditional Chinese and modern massage techniques to create total relaxation.

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