Face Treatments

90 minutes
The BIOEFFECT facial treatment aims to deliver the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) signal to target cells (known as “imprinting”) in the skin which are able to improve the skin’s thickness, density, texture and firmness. Incorporating many traditional Icelandic elements and the clinically proven EGF technology, the treatment provides immediate results on the skin.

90 minutes
Your therapist will design a facial for you to achieve the results you want. A combination of modern and traditional healing principles create this luxurious treatment.

Vitamin C
90 minutes
A safe and natural method to restore healthy looking skin through the removal of dull skin cells with Vitamin C. Gentle massage techniques further help the skin relax and absorb nutrients.

Deep Cleanse
60 minutes
This deep cleansing treatment removes impurities from pores and minimizes future breakouts by reducing excess sebum secretion with antimicrobial products.

90 minutes
In this personalized treatment, your therapist will choose several gels, which support your skin condition, and a mild electric current transfer active ingredients through your skin. The result is a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

90 minutes
A thorough exfoliation that eradicates epidermal impurities. Your therapist applies a luxurious mask that transfers pure collage to your skin, promoting generation of new skin cells and creating an evener skin tone.

90 minutes
Pure luxury for your face and neck. Attributing to its revitalizing and wrinkle-smoothing cellular serum and the combination of highly effective agents, this treatment immediately improves the skin’s elasticity and moisture.

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